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Savor The Delightful Crunch ANd Irresistible Flavor Of Crispy Chunky Cornflake Cereals. Every Spoonful Offers A Symphony Of Textures From The Crispy Cornflakes To The Hearty Clusters Of Nuts And Grains Each Bite Burst With The Wholesome Goodness Of Whole GRain Corn And The Nutty Richness Of Roaste Nuts, Providing A Satisfying Start To Your Day. Whether Enjoyed With Cold Milk Or Sprinkled Over Yogurt For A Tasty Parfait Crispy Chunky Cornflake. Cereals Are The Perfect Way To Fuel Your Morning  And Conquer The Day Ahead.

**Minimum Order 6 Count
** Shippable
** Local Delivery

Crispy Chunky Corn Flake Cookies

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