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Valentine's Day Special

Spread the Love this Valentine's Day With our special heart-shaped box filled with delectable,homemade cookies or delicious dipped strawberries. Each box is a treasure trove of sweetness, thoughtfully curated to include a variety of our finest cookies, and strawberries.


From Classic chocolate chip to rich red velvet, these treats are sure to warm hearts and delight taste buds. The charming heart- shaped box filled with the finest dipped strawberries . Each box adorned with elegant designs and a touch of romantic flair  makes it not just a gift, but a beautiful expression of affection.


Perfect for your significant other, a dear friend, or as a self-indulgent treat. Our Valentine's Day Cookie or Strawberry Is A delightful way to say I Love You.

Only $15 / box for the gift your Valentine is sure to love!

Call 727-200-9413 to place your order at least 7 days before the big game.

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