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The Damatta Experience is the perfect name for what Elouris Damatta brings to your table. Indeed, a life of experience, natural talent, and boundless energy cultivates what Elouris creates for you. Elouris' passion stems from her joy in realizing the culinary creative vision of her clients. Elouris maintains her very identity comes from her passion for cooking and baking. When she was a teenager, Big Star Grocery in Raleigh, N.C. found promise in Elouris and sent her to cake decorating school where she cultivated her natural talent. She thrived on the trust and confidence that customers placed in her. Her role soon expanded to the deli and catering department of Big Star grocery with expertise. 

Later, Elouris opened her own catering service in N.C. with tremendous success. She also taught cake decorating at Wake Technical Community College. 

Elouris married, had a family, and moved to Florida and accumulated 25 years of retail management and then returned to school to earn a Bachelor of Arts and a BS in Criminal Justice and Human Services. 

Elouris was inspired to develop the philosophy of culinary arts as therapy, which brought her to a organization that works with mentally ill members, which promoted mental well-being through her interactions at her job. 

She expanded the culinary program which in turn reawakened her desire to build an innovative Cottage Food Corporation.  

The Damatta Experience generously offers you the personal satisfaction of creativity with Elouris bringing your vision to life. 

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